MPs call for a minimum alcohol pricing

So Scottish MP's are concerned we will lose an ancient Scottish tradition? Alcohol unit pricing at 40p per unit only hurts those who buy very cheap alcohol, the people who buy alcohol to get drunk. The tradition that MPs get misty eyed about is the Scottish whisky industry, and I for one, have never heard of whisky at less than 40p/ unit.

People are dying out there. Yes, we of the society have become rich enough to kill ourselves, and unfortunately, the nanny state leads us to believe that we can do whatever we like because the Health Service will put it all right again.

So MPs. are being asked to consider a minimum price on cheap alcohol. What's not to like?

Dare I say it, the funds the run their election campaigns? Or is it even more sinister than that? This isn't about taking away freedoms, this is about preserving life.

Come on you wimps, stand up for what is right for once. And let us hope that this minimum pricing also applies in the House of Commons bar.