statistical analysis

What is Big Data?


Big Data is coming.  With databases running into TB size, containing every click and every purchase, there's more to analyse and more conclusions to take.

It's tempting to think that Big Data is the same as small data only with more data.  I argue that it is something else entirely, a new concept, with new possibilities.

Minitab 16 – statistics for infrequent users

It isn’t often that I write a piece which blatantly advertises a product. But a friend had to get his Masters dissertation in on time, and was fighting with the University-issued stats package, so I turned to my favourite Statistical Analysis software.
It’s my favourite because:

It does all of the statistical functions I need, in a clear and sensible way (yes you can do them in MS Excel but you have to jump through hoops)

Plot the dots - histogram normal curve

When your data is 'normal' , that is data that has a natural distribution - how can you tell and how do you analyse it statistically

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