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GP-led Community Service Delivery

This is a new era for the NHS, a time when GP practices can begin to deliver the services that patients want, close to home.  We haven't had a chance like this since the PMS contract of 2004, or Fundholding in the 1990s.

Health services can now care for many diseases that only a few decades ago were fatal.  Each disease or disorder that becomes treatable goes through these stages:

What format of provider? Charity, Social Enterprise, Commercial?

Different health and care providers have different advantages and disadvantages. Which is most suitable in which situation?There are many forms of health and care provider.

The best known in UK is the public-sector owned - NHS hospitals, NHS community services. Traditionally there have also been professional partnerships - smaller providers owned by health and care providers, such as GP practices, Pharmacists, Dentists, Opticians. And of course commercial providers have got in on the act - pharmacies in chain stores, nationwide opticians, private hospitals.

Benefits Management to support Public Service organisations

My mission is that everyone will enjoy and be passionate about what they do.

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Local Multiplier 3 (LM3)

LM3 onlineLM3Local Multiplier 3 (LM3) is a structured way to assess the local impact of a project or organisation, measured in terms of its own spend and the spend of its suppliers and beneficiaries.  In other words, the “3” refers to the number of steps – how much does the project or organisation spend/ give locally, then how much do each of the suppliers or beneficiaries spend locally, etc. 

Do it Yourself approaches to measuring social good

TSocial Impact - DIY approacheshis page on Do it Yourself approaches to measuring and reporting social good is part of a longer article on how best to measure and report social good.  I hope you enjoy it.  You can find out more at this page.

The DIY approaches are: Describing benefits, Putting your own value on benefits, and Using the Social Appraisal Toolkit

Urgent Care Limited - Social Enterprise

Urgent Care Social enterpriseUrgent Care Ltd is a social enterprise to bring together the valuable skills of Emergency Care Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners for first contact, and Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) need to get responsive clinicians providing care at the point of need.

Social Enterprise health + care providers

"Health free at the point of use" means health funded out of the public purse - but it doesn't mean public-owned providers. Social enterprise is one very viable option

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