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Why Project Managers don't like Benefits Management

I spoke with an experienced Project and Programme Manager today, and it reminded me just how far apart P3M (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management) and Benefits Management are.

HS2 and Transport

HS2 - a good idea?What do I think of HS2?  Well, I DON'T think it will ever be built.  LIke the Olympics, it will be on budget, to the budget that was set 1 mont before completion.  Like the Olympics, its budget will go on growing from here - £50billion/ £75billion/ £100billion.

Project Management and P3M

Registered Project Professional - APMHow can you increase your success, and reduce your cost base? According to PwC, a major cost in many businesses is project failure, due to using unqualified and inexperienced project managers. 

Registered Project Professional (RPP) - Project Director/ Programme Director

Registered Project Professional Lapel BadgeIn July 2013, I sat my most recent exam.  You'd think I was too old, but I like learning, and the exam for Registered Project Professional by Association for Project Management is nicely challenging.

Registered Project Professional (RPP) is the highest designation that a P3 Manager (Project, Programme, Portfolio) Manager can get at the moment.  It's equivalent to IPMA (International Project Management Association) level B.  It requires a minimum of 8 years' experience actually leading projects, and usually quite a few years prior to this running projects on the project management team.  I'll explain how I got on - read here...

PwC Report on the Current State of Project Management

PwC Project Management ReportPwC found that successful companies are getting more mature in their project management ability.  This raises the game – successful companies have lower costs from fewer failed projects, and less successful companies have to work harder to catch up.  There are some important lessons to take this report for everyone – Read more…

PRINCE2 is Child's Play

PlaystationWhat do you think of when you think of formal Project Management?  Do you immediately picture Gantt charts, PIDs and other pointless documentation, administration coming out of your ears?  Or do you picture a shining machine, running like clockwork, happy people all clear about what they are to do next?

SROI and Benefits Management

You've decided to commit resources, but you want to know that you are getting value for money.  How do you do it?  It's usually estiamted that 70% of projects fail to deliver a return on investment (ie fail to deliver enough benefits to make the investment worth while)?

Benefits Management addresses this.  It's one of my specialist areas.  Here's how it works

Project management without benefits management


The million dollar question – "is it possible to manage a project without benefits management?"
Unfortunately, this is how many of our projects are managed.  Benefits management introduces uncontrolled elements, which could project managers don't like – project management is all about control!  But benefits management make sure that the project delivers what the client wants!

the WHY of projects


With a strong enough WHY you can achieve just about any HOW.  The WHY is the drive behind any initiative - what do we expect to gain from this project or programme.  But in our observation, many projects fail not because they failed to be on time and on budget, but because the deliverables have been negotiated away until they are worth less than the investment needed to get them.

The Association for Project Management (APM)

Benefits CycleBenefits Management has moved from an art, practiced by wizards (and I was one), to a science that is repeatable and consistent, and that can be used as a reliable basis for decision making both during the programme or project, and during operation or service delivery.

It needs a governing body, and I believe the APM is the right governing body to bring together the world experts and hudreds of years' of experience, to make Benefits management better for everyone.

Follow my argument and make your own comments . . .



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