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Earned Value Management and RoI - what it means to you


Equation for whole project Earned Value
Earned Value Management is not a new concept -- it's been around, but often not properly implemented, since the 1950s.

But what actually is it?

Earned Value Management (EVM) is a combination of continually realising benefits and performance managing a project.

Avatar - a very expensive metaphor

I took my daughter to see the film Avatar the other day. In some ways it’s a predictable film, given the director. His film Titanic was about how much happier the poor are, dancing round their fire - I ask you? A fire on a transatlantic liner? Whereas the rich are portrayed as nasty and with petty problems.
Avatar is about how much happier people are when they live in harmony with the forest, than the “other” people constantly chasing money.

Performance Targets - Incentive or Burden?

Key performance indicators (KPI), targets by another word, seem to be here to stay.

In the commercial world, they may be self imposed: budgets, forecasts, sales targets, the expectations of the city. In services for the public good, the government creates the targets. For example in health, there are 698 targets that align with Standards For Better Health[1], and another 166 that don’t[2]. In addition to these, we have QOF, activity reporting for enhanced services, and many more.

Book Review - 50cent and Robert Greene "50th Law"

Curtis grew up in the Hood (South Queens), and quickly learnt that taking the short term view and trying to avoid the thing you fear, gets you that very thing. As a kid he feared violence, but if you show fear in the Hood you get beat up, so he learnt to confront violence, even to invite it (“the first time someone confronts you with a gun, you are very frightened. The second, you learn to cope. By the third, if you haven’t learned to be bold you’re dead, man”.)

The Benefits Realisation Plan in Public Sector

How to prepare a benefits realisation plan (BRP) and how it supports project management and performance management, with the main and most useful resources
Preparing your Benefits Realisation Plan
Benefits Planning is much more than just filling in a template - besides, who's template do you complete?

Follow this guide and links to resources. Of course I've only managed to add a few of the vital resources you will need (about 30 resources) so please do e-mail more that we can share.

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