Project Management and P3M

Registered Project Professional - APMHow can you increase your success, and reduce your cost base? According to PwC, a major cost in many businesses is project failure, due to using unqualified and inexperienced project managers. 

PwC Report on the Current State of Project Management

PwC Project Management ReportPwC found that successful companies are getting more mature in their project management ability.  This raises the game – successful companies have lower costs from fewer failed projects, and less successful companies have to work harder to catch up.  There are some important lessons to take this report for everyone – Read more…

Benefits Management and P3M

Portfolio management, programme management, project management - ​Benefits management is the glue that holds these together.  

Align your programmes with your strategic objectives (do the right things); make sure your projects all contribute to the aim or aims of the programme (do things in the right way), and manage your projects (do them well).  Your projects will create capability, your programmes will deliver benefits, and these will combine to deliver value to the organisation.

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