Imitating US Healthcare

Health Leads - a vital link for basic health and welfare in USA.  We SHOULDN'T need it! but we may!We have a lot to learn from US.  We can see inspiring use of data to design new patient pathways for community healthcare, and fantastic use of the charity and voluntary sector to deliver real improvements in quality of life.

I argue here that we can also learn from the sub-text - that in a society that needs such radical interventions just to deliver basic health and welfare, we can see where UK is heading - and we can do something to save ourselves!

Analysis & Feedback

All this paperwork, and cleaning up, and ..."Sometimes I hate my work" – so said a nurse to my wife, whilst looking after a friend of ours.
How can someone been such a caring profession get to feel this way? Surely, seeing sick people is enough to bring those feelings of compassion that they felt 20 years before, when they made the decision to become a nurse?
So what should we do?

Not motivational - inspirational

Deepak Chopra once described Jack Canfield and Victor Hansen's "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books as 'Not Motivational' 1
Motivation is something imposed from outside, the traditional 'rocket up the backside', the manager or change agent pushing people with threats and bribes to change the way they work.
Of course motivation can help an organisation to improve, to cut costs, to increase output and trading surplus, but it's hard work.  The Minney approach to change in services for the public good is rather different.

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