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Why don't people appear to care? It's all about numbers

Care and Compassion - the Ombudsman's report on the elderlyThe Parliamentary Ombudsman for Health, Ann Abraham, today published a report containing 10 examples where care fails the elderly (jump to press release)

You can download a PDF of the Report "Care and Compassion" by clicking the title

New Care and Clinical Pathways

Our understanding of what works, and the demographic needs of a constantly changing population, means that the best care pathway of a few years ago is now inefficient and in need of change.

Practice-Based Commissioning - engaging GPs and the public

the problem PCTs have a requirement to get GP practices engaged with the commissioning process, for two reasons:

Long-Term conditions (Diabetes) – Value for Money.

Review of a diabetes Locally Enhanced Service which identified the cost-benefit of the LES and worked with GPs to improve this.

Process Redesign using Care Pathway Simulator

Simon Dodds, a surgeon in Good Hope Hospital, developed an excellent piece of software to model the flow of patients/service users through a care pathway given constraints of staffing, equipment and facilities.

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