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Benefits realisation - good projects in public sector

Benefits Cycle for Patients/Service Users, Staff & OrganisationsBenefits Management is a key priority for all public sector projects, and none more so than NHS. With nearly £100billion of investment, we MUST deliver value for money. This section focuses on what you need to change to realise benefits, and how to plan it. . . .

The resources to improve health

In the run-up to the general election, all the political parties trying to win your vote using the NHS card. They make all these wild promises, but what is going on behind the scenes? Labour -- Gordon Brown's health team is promising something for everyone:  the public can have whatever they want

IES talk - Business Cases for Public Good

IES (Institute for Employment Studies) does groundbreaking research into the impact of employment practice on delivery of effective public services, amongst other things (for a fuller explanation see their web site).
They run fortnightly lunchtime seminars on relevant issues and Tues 8 Oct 08 was the inaugural seminar for this academic year. presented on how to prepare and deliver a business case for public and statutory funding, illustrating some of the difficulties of assembling evidence, and of introducing new roles.

Workshop: Developing Evidence-Based Business Case

A 1½ day workshop for people who need to prepare business cases, need more practice, or whose track record at having business cases approved is not all they would like. It helps delegates to gather the evidence and identify the impacts which contribute to a compelling business case; and explores alternative sources of funding.

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