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Dealing with people you can't stand


Does this sound like you?  Book cover pictureDealing with people you can't stand

Do you work with people who you sometimes want to strangle? Brinkman and Kirschner seem to have had rather a lot of this, and they have come back with practical responses which get results.

I tend to take a philoso . . .

BOOK: Online Marketing A User's Manual by Murray Newlands

Online Marketing: Murray NewlandsMurray Newlands presents this excellent guide for novices and experts alike.  Newlands is a full-time digital marketing professional, and from my limited knowledge he appears to know what he's talking about.

The book came out in May, but it's still completely up to date; the sections in each chapter on "future" still haven't fully happened so I'm confident that this is a book I'll refer to again and again over the next year or so, as I build my online brand and win business

BOOK: Employees First, Customers Second by Vineet Nayar

Vineet Nayar: Employees First, Customers SecondA fascinating case study of success in some of the most challenging times in the last 200 years, the author Vineet Nayar describes his journey turning HCL Technologies from a company being left behind to a world leader.

There is so much to learn from this case study, and so much to apply to many other business situations too.

Book Review: The Social Entrepreneur's Handbook: How to Start, Build, and Run a Business That Improves the World

Anyone planning or running a social enterprise or charity (or even commercial organisation with intent for social good) should read this book - it has so much useful information that I read it twice before I wrote this review.


BOOK: Ward & Daniel "Benefits Management: Delivering Value from IS & IT Investments"

The problem with the IS/IT investment is that people often don’t think about the benefits - "of course we need it". Ward and Daniel illustrate this from a survey reported in 2003 (Lambert and Edwards – also at Cranfield University) as follows:

·        55% of respondents think that an appraisal of the IS investment is important

·        Only 22% have a process to perform this appraisal

·        Only 10% consider the implications of business change from their IS investment

Book Review - 50cent and Robert Greene "50th Law"

Curtis grew up in the Hood (South Queens), and quickly learnt that taking the short term view and trying to avoid the thing you fear, gets you that very thing. As a kid he feared violence, but if you show fear in the Hood you get beat up, so he learnt to confront violence, even to invite it (“the first time someone confronts you with a gun, you are very frightened. The second, you learn to cope. By the third, if you haven’t learned to be bold you’re dead, man”.)

Book Review - Ricardo Semler's "Maverick!"

We’re introduced to the world of Brazilian politics and industrial relations, conglomerate in the middle of a recession, and in a working environment where employees are suspicious of being exploited by employers, and employers can’t make an income because of Byzantine laws and checks which can only be passed by crossing many palms with silver. It’s half a world away, and nothing like our own dear public services.
In walks Semler Jnr, with his USA M.B.A. degree and lofty ideals, and inherits his father’s industrial conglomerate. 

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