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Hugo as Project Manager

Hugo is a barefoot runner - end of the Kielder Marathon (26.2miles, 4hrs 38min) Oct 2010Project & Programme Management Activity

BOOK: John Thorp "The Information Paradox"

John Thorp's book "the information paradox" is probably the foundation on which future benefits realisation has been based. Although it is based around IT projects (notoriously, with a 70% "failure" rate), there is much that can be applied to all environments.

John thesis on key concepts: fundamental definitions such as

Performance Targets - Incentive or Burden?

Key performance indicators (KPI), targets by another word, seem to be here to stay.

In the commercial world, they may be self imposed: budgets, forecasts, sales targets, the expectations of the city. In services for the public good, the government creates the targets. For example in health, there are 698 targets that align with Standards For Better Health[1], and another 166 that don’t[2]. In addition to these, we have QOF, activity reporting for enhanced services, and many more.

Benefits Management and Benefits Realisation

Benefits Management and Benefits Realisation are priorities for public sector – too much money has been spent, for too long, with no evidence that the taxpayer (or anyone else) is getting value for money.
We might be – but with no way to find out, we get suspicious.

Benefits management strategy

Benefits Approach

Benefits Tracking Process

Practical Benefits Approach - the document, a mixed blessing

If the Benefits Management Strategy is the high-level and relatively unchanging document, then with the Benefits Approach and Benefits Tracking process we get down to the nitty gritty of doing the doing.
Identifying Benefits
Creating a High-Level plan and getting signup
Quantifying, and getting signup
Summarising and Detailing
Planning the realisation
the Benefits Realisation Plan
The Benefits Approach is about a whole lot more detail on how you will tackle this

Freedom - Growth - Joy

That doesn't look like the headline for a professional article!
When I seek joy and only joy, all else comes to me. I know right now that I have a lot to learn, that I've spent far too long worrying about being professional, protecting my reputation, earning money, pretending I'm seeking freedom when in reality I'm frightened to set out on my own.
It has taken a real effort of will, and a real effort of surrender, to get to this point.
So I'm not trying to do what I ought to do.

Passionate about - the Benefits Approach

I met some old college friends over the weekend, and realised the contrast between those following their passion, and those who'd accidentally ended up where they were. It made me wonder "am I following my dream?"
I'm passionate about the benefits work I do because i believe that it can make a difference.

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