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Practical Commissioning Magazine December 2008 edition

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3 scanned pages from Practical Commissioning (part of the PULSE group of publications)

"The Efficiency Map" - Department of Health May 2005

Department of Health produced a poster designed to show all of the ways of making efficiencies in line with the Gershon reviews.
It never really took off, but none-the-less I contributed the workforce aspects from Changing Workforce Programme

"10 High Impact Changes for Service Improvement and Delivery" - NHS Modernisation Agency

"10 High Impact Changes" presaged the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement style of publications - documents written to be accessible and useable for the NHS at large and the public, which gave shortcuts to the achievement of service improvement. It was naturally followed by a whole spate of spin-off documents - "10 High Impact Changes for Primary Care", "10 High Impact Changes in Mental Health", etc

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