Personal productivity vs. Group collaboration


In a previous blog, I looked at some of the tools available for group collaboration, using the Internet. We concluded that for a team of admin staff in a GP surgery, was the best tool. It is simple to use, colourful, and much better for assigning tasks than using Outlook. But it has some severe limitations.

The best Web based tools for productivity and innovation (3)

We're trying out some web based tools for a small business, to help it be both more productive on the day-to-day work, and more innovative, on the new opportunities.  we identified Zoho projects (Xmas logo) which is an easy-to-use delegated task list, and Zoho Projects, a low-cost Web based project management tool, and part of a major suite of business productivity tools.


Make a busy team more productive (2)

So we have a selection of product of the key and collaboration tools: GTD tools and project management tools, all web based.  How do we decide which of the ones to look at in more detail?

How to make a busy team more productive

Aim – to improve productivity through better collaboration

GP surgeries are just like small businesses, and in the middle of some of the most dramatic changes in 60 years. We have falling income and rising demand; we need to continue to provide the basics, and look at better ways to deliver healthcare and innovate.

I’m looking for a tool so my team delivers innovation along with being more productive in their day job.

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