Benefits Management to support Public Service organisations

My mission is that everyone will enjoy and be passionate about what they do. I work to provide the measurement and reporting that help people to see what they are achieving, and how it contributes to an organisation's aims or the good of the community.

Benefits Management is the progressive realisation of the organisation's strategic objectives: with this definition, benefits management drives the organisation's performance, motivation, and morale. The result is that individual and team effort can be aligned with the organisation's strategic objectives, in tangible ways; for example: service quality, user experience, efficiency and effectiveness.

Instead of complaining about time-consuming and de-motivational performance management systems which will identify when something has gone wrong, I have found that staff themselves identify when the environment has changed and their own work needs to realign; that by understanding the context in which they work and the team's work on either side of them that contribute to the same organisational aims, they collaborate themselves to deliver high-quality care without waiting for "instruction from above"; and as staff are motivated, and their work is aligned rather than the contradictory, financial performance becomes a by-product of top quality care and delivery.

I have decades of experience in delivering benefits management in the commercial, public sector, and community and voluntary sector (CVS) organisations. I use structured workshops to engage staff, volunteers, patients/ clients/ the population, executives, and other stakeholders, and let the benefits and the measurement of the benefits be defined by the circumstance. Please browse some of the case studies eg:

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And lastly, to close, a Haiku

it inspires me to

know what I achieve each day.

Happy and good work!