Benefits Management

Benefits Management is the identification, planning and realisation of business benefits through proactive management of change and effective benefits leadership. It encompasses the entire change lifecycle from strategy to project/programme delivery to the embedding of change.

Benefits Management is the primary reason why organisations undertake change.  Why would you invest, and disrupt the status quo, if not to get something better?

But how often do you achieve what you set out to get?  Various estimates of how often projects are on time and on budget range from 10% to 30% (see references); in other words, more than three out of four change initiatives fail to deliver what was in their business case.

That's what Benefits Management is about!  A clear and credible framework to

  • identify realistic benefits,
  • engage people both doers (the project team) and those done to (line of business or Business as Usual), 
  • identify and do what is needed not just to hit the time and budget but also to achieve the benefits that will pay for the initiative (project, programme, strategic aim)
  • measure achievement in such a way that those who can make decisions, have the information to make the right decisions

Do the right things, in the right way, done well, to achieve the right results