Improving COPD pathways for patients (LTC)

large_Team Picture 4.jpg Easington in County Durham is a COPD hotspot. It is a former mining community with a large proportion of elderly people and smokers. the prevalence of the disease is 2.8% - twice the national average - and COPD is the second most common cause of hospital admission. Easington PBC cluster looked at unplanned care and identified COPD; we tackled the improvements in stages, starting with the exacerbations the patients experience. Easington COPD PosterNew care pathways have been developed for patients experiencing an exacerbation at home which they are now able to self manage, and for patients experiencing an exacerbation where the referring clinician can refer them for a combination of home management and rehabilitation. Patients like the new pathways and the empowerment they get, and they like being able to stay in their own homes with their friends and family nearby, rather than travelling to hospital. This project won the Partnership award from National Association of Primary Care in 2008 (awarded in December) and also won the overall NAPC award for 2008. Links to articles in the press can be found below

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